Get in There!

This is the first year in a long time that we will not be visiting any of the cool places featured during Chicago Architecture Center’s annual Open House Chicago. But forgive — we have a good reason. We’ve seen so much already!

Like the Center’s tours, the most popular sites during Open House tend to be in the Loop — the Board of Trade, the First United Methodist Church’s Sky Chapel, the Chicago Cultural Center. There are usually new or open-this-year-only places that get the most news coverage. The whole event is a treat and deserves to be as crowded as it often is.

In recent years, we have used Open House as a chance to see some of those buildings that we’ve always wanted to get into. Since our interests take us into some non-Loop neighborhoods, there have always been buildings in Edgewater or South Shore that we rushed to when we saw them on the Open House list. Here are a few:

Casa Bonita Apartments in West Ridge/Rogers Park
First Church of Deliverance, Bronzeville
Coastland Apartments, South Shore
Floorplan of the Edgewater Beach apartments

The organizers of Open House Chicago have done such a good job that this year, we have seen all we can see for now. So we’ll let some newcomers enjoy this backstage access to our city’s most interesting spaces. We are planning to one day soon take on Doors Open Milwaukee!

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